Why is Tesla S car insurance expensive?

Why is Tesla S car insurance expensive?

Tesla S car is an electric luxury car. But insurance companies charge higher premiums on Tesla S car insurance.

Tesla S car has the following features:

  1. Safe driving features
  2. Anti-theft protection
  3. Best for driving

MyMoneyMyQuotes team helps you to understand why Tesla S car insurance is so expensive for drivers in the USA. Following are the reasons why people buy  Tesla S car :

  • The best car:  Tesla S car is best for drivers. Consumers believe that this car is of high quality.  Tesla S car is considered a luxury  car and has a high price tag . 
  • The Safest car:  According to data gathered by our team, Tesla S cars are the safest cars for drivers.
  • Theft is minimized :  It is difficult to steal a Tesla S car because this car has anti-theft features.  If the car gets stolen then the owner can track the car location by using the app. It is an advanced technology for insurers so they charge high premiums on Tesla S cars.
  • Exclusive car: Tesla repairs its cars by the Tesla dealer because they believe that low-cost repair does not guarantee the proper fixing of the vehicle.  Quality of Tesla S cars is ensured by Tesla because the whole work is done by the experts of Tesla. Their repair cost is also high. This is the reason for the high premiums on the Tesla S car.
  • Support: Depending upon warranty and coverage Tesla dealers do maintenance and support at cost or for free.
  • Entry-level supercar: The new model of Tesla with “Ludicrous mode” is a supercar because of its high speed. These cars do not need to warm up because of driving. By hitting the gas pedal of the car you can speed your car.
  • Made in the USA:  Tesla cars are designed and manufactured by manufacturers in the USA. Tesla is an American brand. They do not outsource their design works to subcontractors like other brands. Such companies outsource their tasks to people with low labor costs. 
  • Not state-supported: When companies are not supported by the state they would become bankrupt in the state of the financial crisis. But some traditional car companies are supported by the state and the state offers subsidies to these automakers.  Insurance companies are always in favor of those companies that are not supported by the state.
  • Just the beginning:  Tesla offered different models of Tesla which are Roadster,  Sedan, SUV etc. Customers find that these cars are best and their price is expensive. Tesla is now working on affordable car models. Tesla S is one of the most popular  electric cars in the USA.
  • Future innovation: Insurance companies concentrate on the past. But electric cars are representing the technology of the future. The future is all about technology and innovation in car companies. Insurance companies need to think about the future because electric cars are more advanced and safer for drivers than fuel cars.

Why does instant speed make Tesla safer?

  • In LA police use Tesla S cars for the enforcement of the law because of these car safety features and faster driving features.
  • Other old models of Tesla without Ludicrous mode are also faster than other cars.

Now that you know a few reasons why Tesla S has a higher price for car insurance, it is even more important to research and find cheap  auto insurance rates for Tesla S cars. 

Though Tesla S car insurance quotes can be expensive but we must remember that every insurance company is different and auto insurance quotes are always custom and decided based on a lot of other data points like your credit score, driving history, age factor etc.

MyMoneyMyQuotes.com helps our consumers compare their auto insurance quotes online for free and find the best and cheap rates for their auto insurance policy.


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