What to do After an Accident

What to do After an Accident

Car accidents can be disturbing to the peace of mind and dangerous . It is often difficult to decide on the next steps in this situation. That’s why it is wise to get full information from your car insurance agent on how you can claim for coverage if you get into an accident. MyMoneyMyQuotes team is here for you to give appropriate information which is essential to file a claim and informs you about the steps that you should follow to report your accident or crash to your insurer.

  1. Get safety measures
  2. Immediately call the police if you had an accident.
  3. Get information of all parties involved in the accident, namely License plate numbers, Registration papers etc
  4. The filing of the claim is mandatory in most states.
  5. Always follow up with your agent or insurer to resolve claims.

Get safety measures

Always keep a first aid box in your vehicle for these uncertain situations. Immediately check yourself and passengers in your vehicle after an accident. Move your car on the side of the road if possible because it is safe for you and your passengers away from the traffic. If it is not possible then turn on your blinkers, road flares etc It gives signals to others so that they can see your stopped vehicle on the road and slow down the speed of their vehicles.

In case of a minor accident, even if you don’t get any injuries, calm down and record the incident and follow the steps mentioned earlier. It could be a serious legal issue and can lead to financial repercussions to leave the place of the accident without stopping and following the proper steps .

Immediately call the police if you had an accident.

When you have an accident, immediately call the police on 911. When the police arrive they will note down the report of an accident and provide you a police report listing every person who is involved in the accident. You should file this report with your insurance claim.

On the basis of the severity of the accident, the law of your state may require filing the police report with the motor vehicle registry.

Avoid putting blames on others for an accident in one way or another while giving information to the police officer. It depends on the insurance adjusters to decide who is responsible for an accident.

Gather information to file the claim.

Sometimes, a person can forget to collect the information after an accident to file the claim. But it is important to get the required information that how you can make claims. Insurance companies provide a checklist to their customers by online mode or through any mobile app. Yet it is a crucial step to collect some information at the place of accident for reference. Following details are required to get to file a claim:

  • Names of the persons involved in accident, address, and contact details of these persons are also required.
  • License numbers of every vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Details like color, model, and brand of the cars involved in the accident.
  • Names of the insurance companies and policy numbers of the insured persons that are involved in the accident.
  • Place and time of the accident.
  • If any witness, their phone numbers, names, and contact details are required.
  • Names and badge numbers of the responding officers if any.
  • Documentation of an accident is a must.

When you file a claim, you should have sufficient proof of the accident to show the insurer. If you have documents of the accident, then it makes your claims processing easier. So, take photos of damaged vehicles as a proof or of property damage if any. Also take pictures of injuries on your body and injuries of passengers with you. Take pictures of everything present at the place of accident from different angles. You should also click the photos of license plates of other vehicles involved in the accident. Also take photos of the location where the accident happened. This will help you to remember the scene of the accident. These photos are also used as evidence at the time of filing an insurance claim.

The filing of the claim is mandatory.

Filing of claim is mandatory for recoveries of an accident. As soon as possible when you get time after the accident, file a claim by contacting your insurance agent or insurer. If you make any delay in filing a claim beyond a certain period, then your insurance claim may be rejected. The insurance agent guides you how you can file a claim. There are various ways to file a claim – online mode, on the mobile app, etc You can start your claim procedure any time after the accident.

When you file a claim, a claim adjuster will be assigned to you who gathers information about the whole incident and evaluates how much expenses will incur on the repair of the damaged vehicle and medical expenses of your injuries that will be covered by your insurance policy. Claim adjuster can also guide you about the cheapest repair shops to repair your damaged vehicle.

Always remain at the top of the process to get quick claims.

After filing a claim, always keep an eye on the processing of the claim. Different insurance companies provide different options to customers to track the process of the claims. You should also contact your insurance company agent to know about the claim. Safely keep all the documents related to the accident like photos of the damaged vehicles, injuries, and other documents such as bills and receipts related to the accident.


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