Tips for the teen drivers to stay safe on the road

Tips for the teen drivers to stay safe on the road

Teens are at the greatest risk of injury or death in car accidents amongst all drivers. There are steps parents can take to keep young drivers behind the wheel safe though. “They can make healthier decisions if you can teach them,” says Kelly Browning, executive director of Impact Teen Drivers, a non-profit organization devoted to changing teen driving.

“The driver behind the wheel knows well what makes a car-free.”  According to the national safety council in the starting months of driving from 6 to 12 are risky because they can become part of any injury or an accident due to the lack of driving skills.

There are some safest tips which our team mymoneymyquotes will provide you to guide the teenagers.

  1. Set a great example

Parents can bethink their children may not pay attention on the driving but the reality is if you have bad habits like eating or playing the radio etc. Then your child will also follow you so don’t be shocked when they also driving in the same way as you. “Bernstein says to set an example, parents have to tell to their children regarding the safest such as do not use mobile phones during the driving and put the seat belt on.

  1. Never allow teens as passengers in newly licensed teenager car

“When you throw a lot of teenagers in a car, it is a group on wheels,” says Russ Rader, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety spokesperson. A September study undertaken by Texas A&M Transportation Institute reviewed a decade of U.S. fatal accident figures affecting teens aged 13 to 17.Experts found that inexperienced drivers aged 15 to 17 are around eight times more likely to experience a deadly crash while teenage riders are inside the car than drivers aged 18 to 24. 

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  1. Check the car keys

Bruce Hamilton, AAA foundation for traffic safety and marketing advisor says parents need to track safety for the children to driver may feel like a teen choice , but it is a luxury he says . We recommend that a foundation parent’s sign deals moving deals for their kids .he says’’

“Parenting a teen can be challenging. It can be a safe idea to handle the relationship by signing a parent-teen driving agreement which stipulates what the rules will be and the consequences if they are broken.” 

  1. Ride with teenagers who have just been licensed.

Hamilton claims it’s a mistake to stop driving tutoring your kid after he has received a driver’s license. Driver’s awareness classes don’t have enough instruction for teenagers parents should spend minimum 50 hours for driving of their teen before allowing the getting behind the wheel without there being adults. Parents must continue to make supervised tours or trips at least six months in a year with their children who are getting licensed. Teens can learn to drive safer in harsh conditions if the first time they’re driven in snow or heavy rain they have an adult with them.

It’s not enough that an adult has to carry them a kid should drive safety; he says .it is very important to keep an eye on parents and guardians and track driving for their children.

  1. Do not allow drugs or alcohol

When you catch your teen using illegal substances or alcohol, you can revoke his driving rights before you are certain his conduct has improved. The CDC reports 1 in 5 teen drivers who were involved in deadly collisions had alcohol in their blood during 2010. In a report conducted in April 2013, about a fifth of 1,708 11th- and 12th-graders who were polled reported driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or prescription medications used illegally. Students against Detrimental Choices (SADD) and Liberty Mutual Insurers administered the study. 

  1. Do not make phone calls to your teenagers during driving.

More than 3,000 people were killed in accidents in 2011, where, according to the US, at least one driver was distracted. Transportation department Browning says many parents don’t know that they annoy their kids when they dial their mobile phones and test them out as the teenager’s drive

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