Things Auto Insurance Companies Don’t Want Consumers to Know

Things Auto Insurance Companies Don’t Want Consumers to Know

Making decisions about your auto insurance policy is not only complex but can be quite confusing too. The decision about your auto insurance coverages and premium often involves careful decisions about many items, such as :

– Comprehensive coverage
– Collision coverage
– Liability coverage
– Uninsured motorist coverage
– Deductibles for various coverages
– and many more…

For a consumer, making these decisions are not always easy, and on top of it, policy and related documents provided by the insurance company can also be difficult to understand how your decisions about various coverages and deductibles impact the pricing of your auto insurance premium.

An educated customer on insurance subject can surely make better and smart choices about their auto insurance policy, which can also help a customer bring their auto insurance premium lower and more affordable. Therefore auto insurance companies don’t really want consumers to know about different choices or decision points about auto insurance premium pricing.

Here is a list of some of the key items impacting your policy premium price that auto insurance companies don’t want you to know.

– A credit score impacts your auto insurance premium price.
– Street address or zip code of your home impacts your premium price.
– Your car type impacts policy premium prices.
– Your age impacts auto insurance premium prices.
– Gender, marital status, job, young adult kids and education level can impact premium prices.
– Car purchase with a loan can make your policy premium high.
– Your auto insurance may not be tied to the actual car driver.
– Prior claims and questions increase the auto premium price.
– You have an option to check your report for errors.

It is always a good idea to understand the auto insurance policy and spend some time to research on details so that you can make smart choices about your auto insurance policy, which will help you save money and also help you ensure that you have the right kind of coverages for your use and need of auto insurance.

For example Many times consumers don’t realize that auto insurance is actually tied to your car. Therefore if you allow someone else to drive your car, your insurance policy may kick in if there is an accident or incident.

Having said that it is also important to note that your insurance policy may not cover all different kinds of uses of your car thus it’s important to know that fine print or exclusions.

Another important point to know related to your auto insurance is that all insurance companies share information.

Auto insurance companies share their information through two major databases:

– Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE)
– Automated Property Loss Underwriting System (A-PLUS).

These databases are owned and managed by third parties or outside agencies, which includes any auto insurance claims you may make. This information is recorded and stays in your report for 5 to 7 years. LexisNexis company maintains the CLUE database and reporting for the same while Verisk Analytics maintains and A-PLUS database and reporting.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to have a free copy of your report once a year. As a consumer and for your report, you can also challenge or dispute any inaccurate or incomplete information. strives to educate our users and allow them to get and compare auto insurance quotes for FREE. Our team at works very hard for you so you can enjoy the benefits of making the most suitable decision for your auto insurance needs. It is very important to take some time and research so you can save money and also pick the right kind of auto insurance coverages for your needs.

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