Temporary car insurance

Temporary car insurance

Information regarding the temporary car insurance provided by many websites but they do not guide about the companies that sell temporary car insurance.  Temporary car insurance does not exist and these policies are scams in some cases. You need to cancel your 6 month or 12 month car insurance policy if you want to purchase a temporary car insurance policy.

There are some reasons to avoid temporary car insurance. Temporary car insurance does not exist due to the following reasons:

  1. Temporary car insurance is not possible to find.
  2. You cannot apply for temporary car insurance immediately, it takes time.
  3. You can face loss in temporary car insurance.
  4. Temporary car insurance is illegal.
  5. It can negatively affect your car insurance record.
  6. Temporary car insurance would not cover the damages due to the accident.
  7. Non-owner car insurance.
  8. It is difficult to find temporary car insurance in the right way.

Most car insurance providers would not offer temporary car insurance

Most car insurance companies provide 6 month or 12-month car insurance policies. Insurance companies want to retain their customers for a long period of time. But some drivers want temporary car insurance for the short term. Temporary car insurance premiums are not worth the insurance company’s administration cost. Drivers who want to purchase temporary car insurance are high-risk clients for car insurance companies. 

You might lose your down payment for temporary car insurance

 Payment methods for insurance policies are different for different car insurance companies. Some car insurance companies require down payment for car insurance policies. Down payment for temporary car insurance is worth 30 to 45 days of your total car insurance premium. You may lose your down payment if you cancel five days into your temporary car insurance policy. 

You cannot use temporary car insurance coverage immediately. 

Some car insurance companies do not allow you to use car insurance coverage within 30 days of an insurance policy’s inception.  You are not able to cover the damages if you want a car insurance policy for only 2-3 weeks.

Car insurance is mandatory in many states to drive legally

In almost all the states of the USA, it is mandatory to purchase a car insurance policy to drive legally. If anyone caught driving the vehicle without car insurance then the driver can be ticketed. The state may cancel or suspend the driving license of the driver who found driving without car insurance.

You need to purchase collision coverage and comprehensive coverage as a part of your car insurance policy if your car is on lease or rent. Temporary car insurance does not include comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. 

You will have gaps in your car insurance record

The car insurance company will check your car insurance record of the past before selling you a car insurance policy. If you are driving a car without car insurance but you have a valid license then you are a high-risk client for the car insurance company. Car insurance premiums can be increased with gaps in your car insurance record.

Number of months with prior car insurance company

Average car insurance premium for six months

0 $870
6 $820
12 $810
36 $788
60 $760

Does not cover the accidental damages

Car insurance is mandatory to cover the damages if you had an accident. If you are driving without car insurance and caused an accident then the state may cancel or suspend your driver’s license. You can be ticketed or sued in the court to cover the property damages and bodily injury damages if you are at fault.  All the expenses of the damages would be covered from your pocket.

Temporary car insurance: what you can do

Temporary car insurance protects you against the damages when you need car insurance coverage. It also saves your money when you do not need a car insurance policy because it is inexpensive.  But car insurance companies do not offer temporary car insurance; they generally sell car insurance policy terms for more than six months. If you want a temporary car insurance policy then it can put you in trouble.

You can purchase a usage-based car insurance policy because car insurance companies charge insurance premiums on the basis of your driving history. If you drive occasionally then car insurance companies charge lower car insurance premiums from you.

Non-owner car insurance

 Non-owner car insurance provides coverage to the drivers even if they do not own a vehicle. You can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy instead of dropping coverage because car insurance companies may increase your car insurance premiums for the future if you drop the coverage.

If the state requires you to purchase the minimum car insurance then you can purchase non-owner car insurance to satisfy the state requirements if you do not own any vehicle.

Do students coming from home to college need temporary car insurance?

If you are driving full time while you are at college then you need to purchase temporary car insurance. Otherwise, you can remain on your parent’s car insurance policy. Some car insurance companies provide a “student away from home” discount on parents’ car insurance policy if you are driving only on breaks from the school.

Do temporary car insurance is required for a borrowed car?

If you drive the borrowed car occasionally usually for 1-2 times in a month with the permission of the car owner then damages caused by you are covered by the car owner’s insurance policy. 

Can I purchase temporary rental car insurance?

Rental companies offer rental car insurance to cover the damages. But in some companies collision coverage and comprehensive coverage helps to cover the damages of a rental car. Different car insurance companies offer different policies to cover rental cars. Before purchasing the coverage for a rental car check the details of the car insurance policies whether it covers the rental cars. 

Can I purchase temporary car insurance for a cross-country road trip?

Your standard car insurance coverage would cover your car if you are moving from one state to another state.  Your coverage limits automatically increased to the limits of that state where you are currently even if you have only minimum coverage limits. But if you are planning for a cross-country road trip then you need to purchase an RV insurance policy.  

Understanding your car insurance coverages and finding a cheap car insurance quote can be a very time consuming and complex process.

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