SR22 and its effect on your premium

SR22 and its effect on your premium

An SR22 insurance form is a certification form that is filed to the state where you live. An SR22 insurance form helps to describe to the state that you are carrying the minimum amount of car insurance which is mandatory for drivers to drive legally by the state. With SR22 insurance, car insurance companies give a guarantee to the state that you are carrying at least some car insurance and are financially responsible for an accident.

Where can you get SR22 car insurance? 

You can get SR22 car insurance only after purchasing a car insurance policy from the car insurance provider. Without buying a car insurance policy you cannot obtain an SR22 car insurance form from the car insurance company.

You may also get SR22 car insurance on your existing car insurance policy. You are uninsured if your car insurance company failed to file your SR22 car insurance then you will have to purchase a new car insurance policy.

Non-owner SR22 insurance

You can save money by purchasing non-owner SR22 insurance. If your existing car insurer does not provide you SR22 non-owner insurance policy then you can buy it from another car insurance company. SR22 policy helps you to file SR22 with the state. The non-owner policy is not duplicate coverage but it does not cover any vehicle because it does not include any owned vehicles and regularly used vehicles. You need to purchase the same coverage limits of SR22 insurance as on your primary insurance policy.

It is wise to get a separate non-owner SR22 insurance policy from another car insurance company if you don’t want to switch your existing car insurance company only because you need SR22 car insurance.

Need for an SR22 insurance

SR22 insurance is beneficial for drivers who have a DUI in their records. Depending upon the state where you live there are different reasons to get SR22 insurance.

  1. If you have a DUI in your record or any major alcoholic violation conviction.
  2. Negligent driving record or other serious moving violation conviction.
  3. Several car violations and accidents in driving records in a short period of time.
  4. Driving a vehicle without insurance conviction.
  5. If drivers are involved in an accident while driving without an insurance policy.
  6. If arrested by the state for not carrying car insurance for the registered vehicles.
  7. SR22 is required to obtain a probationary license.
  8. To reinstate the driving license after a suspension SR22 is required by the driver.

You can get your license through SR22 insurance. It is required by you when the state or court-ordered you to get SR22 insurance. Court or state sends you a notice which describes why you need SR22 insurance. It also informs you how long the SR22 insurance form will stay on a file with the state.

If the driver requires higher liability limits then they need FR44 form. This form is similar to the SR22 form. FR44 form is required by the drivers involved in alcohol-related violations, It is required only in Florida and Virginia states of the USA. 

How much does Sr22 insurance cost?

SR22 insurance costs may be $25-30 which is charged by the car insurance companies to file an SR22 form. 

Your car insurance premiums are also affected by the violations that resulted in the need for SR22 insurance. Car insurance premiums may increase by 85-90% yearly after filing a DUI with SR22. 

State Average car insurance rate SR22 rates
Alaska $1240 $1954
Alabama $1310 $2478
Arkansas $1550 $2740
Arizona $1405 $3585
California $1790 $5125
Colorado $1682 $3000
Connecticut $1988 $3120
District of Columbia $1895 $2955
Delaware $1845 $3530
Florida $2257 $3787
Georgia $1823 $3370
Hawaii $1262 $4470
Iowa $1085 $1920
Idaho $1025 $1790
Illinois $1168 $2210
Indiana $1065 $1567
Kansas $1420 $2318
Kentucky $1620 $2722
Louisiana $2835 $3620
Massachusetts $1610 $3190
Maryland $1548 $2032
Maine $890 $1337
Michigan $2360 $8330
Minnesota $1346 $2618
Missouri $1280 $2230
Mississippi $1512 $2538
Montana $1595 $2730
North Carolina $1180 $5570
North Dakota $1130 $2010
Nebraska $1280 $2315
New Hampshire $1150 $2016
New Jersey $1425 $3857
New Mexico $1505 $2742
Nevada $1570 $2480
New York $1220 $1860
Ohio $965 $1709
Oklahoma $1475 $2205
Oregon $1331 $2290
Pennsylvania $1430 $2323
Rhode Island $2003 $3621
South Carolina $1360 $2770
South Dakota $1256 $2240
Tennessee $1332 $2340
Texas $1650 $2708
Utah $1220 $2000
Virginia $1000 $1686
Vermont $1172 $1793
Washington $1313 $2218
Wisconsin $1155 $1800
West Virginia $1460 $2760
Wyoming $1570 $2740

Make sure that you should buy the at least coverage limits mandated by the state, either by FR44 or SR22 insurance. You need to pay more if these limits are higher than the coverage limits you usually purchase. Your insurance company or state will pay you the full amount of your insurance policy including FR44 or SR22.

How long is an SR22 insurance form required?

SR22 insurance is required for one to five years; it is not necessary for a long time. The length of the required period of the SR22 varies according to the state. In most of the states of the USA, it is required for 3 years only. It may start with an offense date, suspension date, conviction date, the date on which your license reinstated.

You must know how long you require SR22 insurance otherwise you will be punishable under the state law if you cancel your insurance policy before the right time period. The state may cancel your license and your time starts again on how long the SR22 is mandated to be maintained.  

Any violations which resulted in the requirement of SR22 insurance would not increase your insurance rates for a long time. Your car insurance premiums will reduce when the violations fall off from your driving record. 

What if you are required to get SR22 insurance in another state?

SR22 is used in every state except the following states in the USA:

  1. Delaware
  2. Kentucky
  3. Minnesota
  4. New Mexico
  5. New York
  6. North Carolina
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Oklahoma

These states use their own forms and requirements are different for each state. If you have SR22 insurance in the state where you live then you also need SR22 insurance if you moved to another state where you committed an offense.  You are required to file an out of state SR22 form.

If you do not have SR22 insurance because your state does not require this but is required in another state. Then another state can refuse you to get SR22, you can get permission from the state to obtain SR22. SR22 insurance is required to inform the state that you are carrying minimum coverage limits mandated by the state.

How to get an SR22 insurance policy?

If you committed a serious offense according to the SR22 list then it may increase your car insurance premiums. You can get the cheapest SR22 insurance policy by comparing the car insurance quotes from the different car insurance companies that provide SR22 insurance. You can save a lot by comparing the insurance rates from different car insurance companies. The below tables show how much car insurance premiums may increase after a DUI.

Company                   Average base rate          Average insurance rates with SR22 with DUI
GEICO $1010 $2990
Nationwide $1620 $3360
Farmers $1660 $2720
State Farm $1180 $1880
Allstate $1890 $2927
Progressive $1150 $2240

You must select the car insurance company after comparing car insurance quotes because SR22 is not filed by all the car insurance companies. But there are many car insurance companies in the USA that file SR22 forms on your behalf. 

You can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy if you do not own any vehicle which satisfies SR22 requirements. Car insurance companies send a proof by email after filing the SR22 form on your behalf. 

Understanding your car insurance coverages and finding a cheap car insurance quote can be a very time consuming and complex process.

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Finding a good price for an auto insurance quote can be quite overwhelming and confusing for many. At, consumers can shop and compare auto insurance quotes online for free and find the best and cheap rates for their coverage needs for an auto insurance policy.


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