Renters Insurance Coverage During Travel

Renters Insurance Coverage During Travel

Renters insurance can provide you with security and protection even if you are away and traveling. You must make sure your policy provides this coverage for any content outside of the premises of the rental home. 

Some policies limit coverage to contents within the insured premises only while others will cover contents outside the premises but temporarily. In all cases, there is a deductible associated with a claim.

Your liability coverage can protect you for any accidental damage that you may be liable for while you travel and rent in hotels or use Airbnb rentals. 

An all-risk policy can cover if you accidentally drop your backpack containing thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment into the ocean during a sightseeing tour. Your insurance agent provides you with the details of the coverages while traveling for your specific policy.

The same coverage takes care of the mysterious disappearance of your items like a necklace or camera. This may happen when you cannot explain if the item was left behind in some location you traveled or if someone took it.

The rental insurance policy may cover the actual cash value of the item lost or replace the cost only. You may not get enough cash to cover the replacement of the lost item. Check with your carrier on the limits of your policy how a lost item’s value is estimated.

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