Protect Your Future Earnings: Rental Insurance Liability Coverage

Protect Your Future Earnings: Rental Insurance Liability Coverage

Everyone knows rental insurance can cover something that your already own. If you are sued for a personal injury or damage to property and if you are employed or a student with the potential to earn money, your future earnings can be bound to compensation repayment if the court’s order.

Your legal defense cost can be covered by the liability portion of the rental insurance.

If you accidentally caused injury to another person who in turn loses their ability to earn an income, the courts can go and place a lien against your future earnings.

Liability part of the renters insurance covers you for legal cost and you can avoid jeopardy to your future income

If you caused water damage by accident in your rental apartment, the landlord can bill you for the cost of the repairs to the ceilings and floors of all areas affected by the water damage. A $20-$50 coverage protects you from all these unforeseen events.

If Fire damage occurs to your rental home the rental insurance can help pay for the additional living expenses if you have to stay elsewhere temporarily. Consult your agent or insurance provider on the specifics of this liability coverage.

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