Married vs Single car insurance policy

Married vs Single car insurance policy

Car insurance premiums are higher for single unmarried drivers than married drivers. Car insurance companies may charge $150 higher car insurance premiums from single drivers than the married drivers in the USA. Car insurance companies consider married drivers safe drivers because they follow rules and regulations while driving. Single drivers are considered as riskier by the car insurers. According to data gathered by the MyMoneyMyQuotes team, single drivers file more claims than married couples. There are different rating factors according to which car insurance companies charge lower car insurance premiums from married drivers and charge higher car insurance premiums from the single drivers.

Cheapest car insurance companies for married drivers and single drivers

We found the data of the largest car insurance companies that provide cheapest car insurance policies to single drivers and married drivers. According to our data, married drivers may pay $80-90 less than single drivers.

Company Married drivers Single drivers
Allstate $1400 $1455
GEICO $1085 $1100
Farmers $1290 $1480
Liberty Mutual $5500 $6178
Nationwide $1125 $1170
Progressive $1320 $1515
State Farm $1390 $1390
USAA $825 $912

Different car insurance companies charge different car insurance rates from married drivers and single drivers but State farm sells car insurance policies to the married drivers and single drivers at the same rate. Other car insurance companies charge higher car insurance premiums from single drivers than married drivers.  The average increase in car insurance premiums for single drivers is given below:

Company                                                        Average increase in car insurance for single drivers
Allstate $55
Farmers $190
Liberty Mutual $678
Nationwide $45
Progressive $195
State Farm $0
USAA $87


Car insurance policy:  married drivers vs. single drivers

Car insurance policies may also be different for married drivers and single drivers. Car insurance companies assess their customers and price policies on the basis of past data of drivers.

Credit score

Car insurance companies determine the car insurance premiums on the basis of different factors such as the age of the driver, credit history of the driver, driving history of the driver, location, etc. A credit record of the driver plays an important role while calculating the car insurance premiums. According to data found by our team, married drivers maintain better credit records than single drivers. So, married drivers pay lower car insurance premiums. Car insurance companies sell car insurance policies at higher rates from single drivers.

Credit score                         Average annual premium according to credit score
Poor $2510
Good $1560
Fair $1696
Excellent $1215
Below Fair $2070

Homeowner status

Car insurance companies see homeowners less risky and financially more stable than renters.  Car insurance companies sell renters policy on fewer rates than home policies. You can save on insurance policy by bundling policies from the same insurer. Different car insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount.

Homeowner status Average annual premium
Renter $1424
Condo owner $1392
Homeowner $1392
Renter with multi-policy $1345
Condo owner with multi-policy $1280
Home owner with multi-policy $1260


Car insurance companies offer good discounts to married drivers. You can reduce your car insurance premiums through multi-driver discounts and multi-vehicle discounts. 

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