How to purchase the cheapest car insurance for women?

How to purchase the cheapest car insurance for women?

Mostly, people believe that car insurance companies charge less from women for insurance policy than men. But this is not always true because car insurance premiums depend upon various factors. In the USA, some states prohibit insurance companies to consider gender while deciding the rates of car insurance premiums.

It is a general belief among people that men pay more than women for a car insurance policy because they are considered riskier than women. But different factors affect car insurance premiums.

While deciding the car insurance premiums insurer looks over the different factors such as driving history, credit record, age, etc. Gender is also a factor that is considered while deciding the car insurance premiums but it depends on a state where you live. It is not wise to say that car insurance premiums depend only on gender differences.

Different insurance companies set insurance premiums in different ways and methods. So, it is not easy to say which factor affects more or which affects less for deciding car insurance premiums. But for women who are looking for car insurance, it is essential to know how gender will affect the car insurance cost.

Do women pay less for car insurance premiums than men?

In some insurance companies, men pay more than women for an insurance policy while in other car insurance for women pays more than women.

Car insurance premiums are calculated based on the following factors:

  1.   Age of the driver
  2.   Driving history
  3.   Credit record
  4.   State where driver live
  5.   Address of the driver
  6.   Insurance history of the driver

In some states, the law prohibits consideration of gender while calculating the car insurance rates. But some car insurance companies look over the gender of the driver for calculating the car insurance premiums.  In these states, gender is also considered to decide the car insurance premium with other factors. Age,  driving record, credit history, etc. helps to decide the coverage limit of car insurance. 

How much insurance premiums women and men pay for car insurance?

We go through the quotes from the car insurance companies that show how much difference is between the car insurance rates for women and men. Comparing car insurance is the best way to know how car insurance premiums are different for men and women of the same age and same profile.  For example, full coverage for insurance maybe $ 1145 for young women of an age bracket of 25-30 years who are unmarried and live in Minnesota. For male drivers with the same profile, the car insurance premiums are a little less. Insurance rates for old age, married and retired drivers are much less than others. Insurance companies charge high insurance premiums from male and female teenagers.  Average rates of car insurance for drivers based on gender, age, marital status are:

Age of drivers Gender  Marital status Car insurance premium
18 years                         Female              Unmarried         $4690
18 years Male  Unmarried  $4530
30 years Female  Unmarried  $1145
30 years Male  Unmarried  $1045
70 years Female  Married  $830
70 years Male  Married  $805

Finding cheap car insurance for women

Following are some tips to get the cheapest car insurance for women

  1.   Shop around: To find the cheapest car insurance for women, you must compare the insurance quotes from different car insurance. You must need to analyze which car insurance policy is suitable for your profile.  
  2.   Bundle your home and auto insurance: You can get good discounts by bundling your car insurance policy with home insurance from the same insurance company. If you do not own any house then you can save your money by bundling your car insurance policy with motorcycle insurance, other property insurance, health insurance, renters insurance, etc. 
  3.   Maintain a good driving history: Car insurance companies may charge a higher amount of insurance premiums from the drivers who have violations and accidents in their driving history. To get a car insurance policy at cheaper rates you should maintain a good driving history. You should follow the rules and regulations of driving to avoid the chances of accidents. Mostly, car insurance companies check your driving record of the past 3 to 5 years to decide the car insurance premiums. Drivers with a clean driving record get the cheapest insurance policy from the drivers with accidents and violations in their driving record. 
  4.   Check all the available discounts on a car insurance policy: Different car insurance companies offer different discounts on car insurance policies such as discounts for college students with good grades, discounts for defensive driving courses, discounts for military people, discounts for a particular group, or an association. Your car insurance rates may be decreased to a greater extent after these discounts.

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