How to appeal a denied car insurance claim?

How to appeal a denied car insurance claim?

Filing a car insurance claim is an easy process. You need to file a car insurance claim with your car insurance provider if you want to cover the medical expenses or cost to repair the property damages.

But in some cases, car insurance companies deny your insurance claims. Car insurance companies make money by denying insurance claims. If a car insurance company denies your insurance claims it does not mean the car insurance company will not pay you to recover your losses.

You need to know about the reason for denial of claims so that you can prevent from denying insurance claims. Following are the main reasons for denial of insurance claim:

  1. If you did not inform the car insurance company about the new car.
  2. If the driver is not listed on the car insurance policy.
  3. If the vehicle was not listed on the car insurance policy.
  4. If the owner did not give permission the driver to drive such as the car was stolen.
  5. If you file an uninsured motorist claim but the driver who is at fault is covered under the car insurance policy.
  6. If you have not proper coverage in your car insurance policy, for example, damages to your vehicle are not covered under the car insurance policy if you have only liability coverage because you need collision coverage to cover the cost to fix the damages to your vehicle.
  7. The car insurance company will cancel your car insurance policy if you did not pay your car insurance premiums on time.
  8. If the amount of your claim exceeds the car insurance policy coverage limit.
  9. If you were using your vehicle for a business trip without informing your car insurance company.

MyMoneyMyQuotes team provides you some tips to appeal a denied car insurance claim. You need to follow the steps given below to appeal a denied car insurance claim. 

Review your claim denial letter

  • You should review your claim denial letter or settlement offer letter to know about the reasons why the car insurance company has denied your car insurance claim. If you think that your company is wrong then you can appeal a denied car insurance claim. 
  • Research your car insurance rights
  • After knowing the reasons for denial of a car insurance claim you must check your car insurance rights.
  • You must read your car insurance policy again to know what your car insurance policy covers. 
  • You should gather all the documents related to accidents and copy the police report which is necessary to appeal a denied car insurance claim.
  • You can check your car insurance rights online if there is a version of your automobile insurance bill of rights posting online which guides you on how to appeal a denied car insurance claim.
  • You can also get information about your car insurance rights, filing dates, and requirements to file a car insurance claim from the State department of insurance. 

Write a claims appeal letter

  • If your car insurance company did not fulfill their duties then you need to write a claims appeal letter.
  • After reviewing the claim denial letter you should start collecting information that you need to dispute the insurance claim in a claims appeal letter.
  • You can write a claims appeal letter without a lawyer but hiring a lawyer can help you for quick settlement of insurance claims.
  • Claims appeal letter describes your case and states why your property damages and bodily injuries should be covered.
  • You can send a claims appeal letter to your car insurance company via email. 
  • You can also contact your state insurance regulator to get help for the settlement of insurance claims.
  • You should provide evidence for your insurance claim dispute such receipts of bills related to property damages or medical expenses, photos of the bodily injuries and property damages, documents related to the claim process to your car insurance company with claims appeal letter.

Hire an insurance claims lawyer

You need to hire a lawyer to cover the heavy medical expenses and property damages. If you find difficulty in negotiating with the car insurance company to cover the damages then you can recover your claims by hiring an insurance claims attorney. Going to the court for the settlement of insurance claims should be your last resort and this process can be very expensive. helps you to find the right information about the insurance quotes so that you can make sound decisions for  your auto insurance needs. provides free auto insurance quotes so that you can find the cheapest and the best auto insurance deals.


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