Good Driver Car Insurance

Good Driver Car Insurance

Best car insurance for good drivers

Drivers with a good driving history can get good discounts on car insurance premiums. It does not matter from which car insurance company you are buying car insurance. Almost all car insurance companies offer discounts on good driver car insurance. Drivers with violations in their driving record pay more car insurance premiums than the good drivers for purchasing car insurance policy. 

Car insurance providers for good drivers

Different car insurance companies provide car insurance for good drivers at different rates. Because car insurance companies calculate car insurance premiums for drivers by different methods. To get the best and cheapest car insurance for good drivers you can compare the insurance quotes from different car insurance companies. Following are some largest car insurance providers that offer cheap car insurance for good drivers with no violations in their driving history:

Name of the company Car insurance premium
Nationwide $650
Allstate $780
Farmers $670
GEICO $700
State Farm $755
Liberty Mutual $730
Progressive $736
USAA $740

MyMoneyMyQuotes’ team has found the information of some of the largest car insurance companies with their discounts options on a car insurance policy for drivers with a good driving history.


  • Allstate insurance company offers points to its customers with a good driving history under the “Allstate Reward” program. Under this scheme, customers do not need to upgrade the car insurance policy.
  • Points assigned to the drivers because of safe driving can be redeemed by the customers for commercial items such as gift cards, designer products, etc.


  • GEICO reviews the driving record of the customer over the last five years. If the driver has a driving history without any violations and accidents then they offer Accident-free good driver discount to them.
  • Accident-free good driver discounts may help the customer to save up to 20-25% on the car insurance policy. You can also get a good discount on medical expenses and personal injury protection coverage if you are going to purchase a car insurance policy from GEICO. 
  • Medical payment coverage and personal injury protection coverage is mandatory in some states of the USA which helps to cover the damages to you and your passengers if you had an accident.
  • Driving without a speeding ticket can also get this discount. You can also save up to 15-20% on your medical coverage of personal injury protection. 


  • Safe driver discounts are offered by the Farmers insurance company. To know more about the car insurance discount options available in the Farmers you can consult with the insurance agent of Farmers insurance company.

Liberty Mutual

  • Car insurance discounts for good drivers by Liberty Mutual are offered under the scheme of the RightTrack program.
  • Good drivers under this program may save up to 30-35% on a car insurance policy based on their driving history.


  • Nationwide reviews the driving record of the past 5 years of the drivers to provide accident-free good driver discounts.
  • If the driver has no violations and accidents in driving history then the driver can get an accident-free good driver discount. You can save up to 10-15% on your car insurance policy with this discount.
  • You get more knowledge about the available discounts you can contact the car insurance agent of Nationwide.


  • Progressive offers safe driver discounts to its customers. This discount is like a usage-based insurance policy.
  • Discount rates may depend on different factors but you could save up to $120 every six months. 

State Farm

  • Accident-free discount offered by the State Farm to the drivers who have no violations and accidents in their driving history from the past three years. 
  • These discounts are offered to the drivers without speeding a ticket, violations, and claims in the last three years.


USAA reviews the past 5 years driving history of the driver to provide accident-free discounts. These discounts are offered to the drivers without violations and accidents from the past 5 years in their driving history. To get more information about the discounts you can contact the insurance agent of the USAA. 

How to save on car insurance for good drivers?

It is not sufficient to get good discounts only with good driving history without violations. We provide you some tips to save on car insurance policy which are given below:

Consider telematics

By installing telematics devices in your cars you can get good discounts on car insurance for good drivers. These devices are used to track the way of driving and this helps to reduce the chances of accidents. Car insurance companies offer telematics-powered insurance discounts. 

This type of insurance discount is available in some states in the USA.  These discounts vary from company to company.

Name of the company Estimated discounts or savings
Allstate Drivewise Average of 10-20%
State Farm Drive Safe and Save Average of 10-15%
Nationwide SmartRide Upto 30%
Liberty Mutual RightTrack Average of 5-25%
Progressive SnapShot Average of $120

These devices help car insurance companies to track the speed of the car, breaking, driving habits, etc. Car insurers offer discounts based on this information.

Choose your coverage carefully

The value of your car decreased over time so you must choose your insurance coverage carefully. If you select the comprehensive coverage and collision coverage in your car insurance policy then you can cover your physical damages whether it is not mandatory to purchase by law.

You need to calculate the actual value of your car. If the actual value of your car is more than $4000 then you must purchase the physical damages protection coverage for your car. You can reduce your car insurance cost by raising deductibles.

Avoid claims

If you had an accident and you are unable to pay the damages caused due to an accident then you need to file a claim. But if you can handle the cost of damages then you should avoid filing a claim because it can raise your car insurance premiums. Car insurance companies analyze the past 3-4 years record of your claims while calculating the car insurance premium.  Following are the tips to handle the insurance if you had an accident:

  •   You must calculate the damages caused due to an accident.
  •   You can compare the car insurance quotes from different insurance companies which defines how much your car insurance premium will increase after an accident.
  •   If your damages are very less as compared to the coverage limit of your insurance policy then it is not wise to file a claim. It just increases your car insurance premiums. 

Always inform your car insurance agent about the accident but it can also increase your car insurance cost. So it is a good time to purchase car insurance from another car insurance provider if your existing insurance provider raises your car insurance premiums.

Take a defensive driving course

Drivers who take a defensive driving course can get discounts on their car insurance policy. These courses help the drivers to improve their driving skills which decrease the chances of an accident. This course helps the drivers to lower their car insurance costs and you get knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.

Compare insurance rates

To get the cheapest car insurance for good drivers you must compare the insurance quotes from different car insurance companies. By comparing insurance rates you can select the best car insurance policy that is suitable for you. 

Understanding your car insurance coverages and finding a cheap car insurance quote can be a very time consuming and complex process.

To find the best and cheap car insurance for your needs, can help you save by comparing auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies using tools provided by

Finding a good price for an auto insurance quote can be quite overwhelming and confusing for many. At, consumers can shop and compare auto insurance quotes online for free and find the best and cheap rates for their coverage needs for an auto insurance policy.


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