Get The Facts on Teen Driving

Get The Facts on Teen Driving

Remember that the teen brain is still developing and it won’t mature for several years when they can make decisions mature enough to minimize risk. It is the responsibility of the adults to consistently enforce driving rules

And encourage the team to talk to you about his or her driving experiences and concerns. It is the responsibility of the entire household to protect your teen’s life from slipping through the fingers.

Basic seatbelt use is shown by research that they follow the adults in their own use of a seatbelt.

You must Practice driving under rain, snow, darkness, heavy traffic and other realities that happen on day-to-day life which pose serious challenges for new drivers

Many teens use their cell phones or text while behind the wheel despite knowing the clear dangers. Make sure that it is a family rule that everyone abides to be not distracted by the cell phone.

Speeding is a leading factor in all crashes both for adults and teens. Adults should set a good example and set strong rules about speeding.

The risk of teen car crashes increases when they have teen passengers

Parents and guides should be aware of their team activities and set limits and then force those limits related to l passengers

There should be zero tolerance with respect to the use of alcohol and adults should be a good role model.

If your teen has difficulty with handling fast-changing space and time the adult and teen should drive together so that the teen can get the required feedback and instruction.


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