Deadly Days of the Year to Be On Road

Deadly Days of the Year to Be On Road

You must have heard about the holidays are the deadliest to drive in the whole year. But there is a pattern in the whole year in which accidents take place.

Every auto driver should follow defensive driving whenever they are driving. There are certain times periods in the year when it is very important to follow the driving instructions carefully.

Teen drivers are most on the road during July, August and early part of September and that is when most of the crashes occur.

Many teens do not realize the serious factors that lead to an accident and what their consequences can be. Parents and school guides should prepare the team for the road ahead of the risky driving situations such as speeding, alcohol use, distractions and also driving at night time.

Adults have a responsibility to teach by example and by minimizing their own risky behavior when it comes to being behind the wheel.

Even if you do not have a teen are in your household you can take the lead in bringing awareness about these deadly months of the year.

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