Car insurance for nurses

Car insurance for nurses

Car insurance companies offer good discounts to nurses. If you are a nurse or working in the medical field then you can save an average of $20-25 on car insurance policy on six months car insurance premium. To get the cheapest car insurance for nurses you must compare the quotes from different car insurance providers and also check the available discounts on car insurance for nurses.

Car insurance discounts for nurses

Different car insurance companies provide different discounts to medical professionals and nurses. Average car insurance premiums for six months may be $500 if you qualify for USAA. Following are the average insurance rates by different car insurance companies:

  1.   Allstate – $970 for six months
  2.   Farmers – $790 for six months
  3.   Geico – $580 for six months
  4.   Liberty Mutual – $965 for six months
  5.   Nationwide – $588 for six months
  6.   Progressive – $770 for six months
  7.   State farm – $800 for six months
  8.   USSA – $500 for six months

Car insurance discounts based on the occupation

Car insurance companies find nurses less risky so they offer discounts to them on car insurance policies. Insurers may charge $20-25 less from nurses from other professions for car insurance.

  1.   Proprietor – $742 for six months
  2.   Civil Servant – $740 for six months
  3.   Unemployed – $ 739 for six months
  4.   Manager – $735 for six months
  5.   Teacher – $725 for six months
  6.   Law enforcement- $725 for six months
  7.   Fire Fighter – $723 for six months
  8.   Scientist – $710 for six months
  9.   Nurses – $720 for six months
  10.   Lawyer – $710 for six months
  11.   Engineer – $710 for six months
  12.   Military – $700 for six months
  13.   Others – $740 for six months

Car insurance providers that offer insurance discounts for nurses:

Following are some car insurance companies that provide car insurance discounts to nurses and medical professionals:

  1.   Nationwide
  2.   Farmers
  3.   AAA
  4.   The Hartford
  5.   California Casualty

Insurers ask for proof such as nursing degree, hospital identification badge, etc. to provide car insurance discounts. 

Best ways to save on car insurance as a nurse?

Following are the best ways to get discounts on car insurance for nurses:

Bundle your policies

 By bundling insurance policies you can get good discounts on the car insurance policy. If you have a home insurance policy or health insurance policy or renters insurance policy then you can receive good discounts by purchasing car insurance policy from the same insurance company.

This is a method to save the cost of car insurance. You may save up to $200 yearly on car insurance premiums.

Consider telematics

  You can get discounts on car insurance policies by installing telematics devices in your cars. These devices are used to track the way you drive your vehicle. Car insurance companies provide telematics-powered insurance discounts. This type of insurance discount is available in some states in the USA.  These discounts vary from company to company.

Name of the company Estimated discounts or savings
Allstate Drivewise Average of 10-20%
State Farm Drive Safe and Save Average of 10-15%
Nationwide SmartRide Upto 30%
Liberty Mutual RightTrack Average of 5-25%
Progressive SnapShot Average of $120

 Choose your coverage carefully

The value of your car decreases  over time so you must choose your insurance coverage carefully. If you select the comprehensive coverage and collision coverage in your car insurance policy then you can cover your physical damages whether it is not mandatory to purchase by law.

You need to calculate the actual value of your car. If the actual value of your car is more than $4000 then you must purchase the physical damages protection coverage for your car. You can reduce your car insurance cost by raising deductibles.

Avoid claims

If the accident is very minor and if the blemish can be fixed for cost less than the deductible, you can pay the cost from your pocket and avoid filing a claim. Car insurance companies analyze the past 3-4 years record of your claims while calculating the car insurance premium.  Following are the tips to handle the insurance if you had an accident:

  •   You must calculate the damages caused due to an accident.
  •   You can compare the car insurance quotes from different insurance companies which defines how much your car insurance premium will increase after an accident.
  •   If your damages are very less as compared to the coverage limit of your insurance policy then it is not wise to file a claim. It just increases your car insurance premiums. 

Always inform your car insurance agent about the accident but it can also increase your car insurance cost. So it is a good time to purchase car insurance from another car insurance provider if your existing insurance provider raises your car insurance premiums.

Shop around

Not all insurance companies in the USA, provide discounts on car insurance for nurses. Also, discounts on car insurance policies for nurses vary from state to state. To get the best car insurance for nurses you should check and compare the insurance quotes from different car insurance providers. By comparing their services and car insurance premiums you can select the cheapest car insurance for nurses.

Understanding your car insurance coverages and finding a cheap car insurance quote can be a very time consuming and complex process.

To find the best and cheap car insurance for your needs, can help you save by comparing auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies using tools provided by

Finding a good price for an auto insurance quote can be quite overwhelming and confusing for many. At, consumers can shop and compare auto insurance quotes online for free and find the best and cheap rates for their coverage needs for an auto insurance policy.


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