Can you get a DUI for driving high?

Can you get a DUI for driving high?

You may know driving high can have serious effects, but the legal implications can also be extreme maybe even worse than you thought. So before we get about the legal implications let our team MyMoneyMyQuotes will tell you about DUI and drivers in the state of Illinois under the insurance.

Meaning of DUI 

Commonly referred to as “drunk driving,” it applies to motor vehicle activity when one’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds the statutory limit, which is considered to be the amount at which a person cannot legally drive. State laws disagree on what that the amount is, so it ranges between.08 and.10Driving on private property such as a parking lot is no protection, 

What does it mean to be under the influence?

The team of being under the influence is different from state to state and if you are new at the place of Illinois then firstly you have to get know about the driving laws before driving. The first thing you should know about Illinois is that it has very strict DUI laws. But that gets interesting as medical marijuana is permitted here and from January 1, 2020, recreational marijuana should be legal. However, you are not allowed to drive under marijuana’s influence

You will get a DUI without getting heavy literally

You can still get a DUI even if you aren’t high. This is due to the THC metabolites left in your blood after you have used marijuana. THC can be detected by blood tests for 3 to 4 hours after use. THC metabolites can be found in the body several days after treatment. And, unfortunately, THC metabolites are regarded as a compound related to marijuana.

In most cases, unless you exceed the legal limit for THC, you will not be convicted of driving while high. But you have to understand the possibilities if you are using marijuana. If you’ve used marijuana (even legally) in the last few days, you can absolutely be charged with a DUI in Illinois! Again, the most likely scenario is not, but it has happened.

Driving under the influence is a crime The exact punishment you are going to face can change depending on the particular position and state rules, but there are a few things you can expect..

  • First offense

Unless this is the first conviction and there is no bodily harm involved, you are likely to be charged with a crime in Class A. In this situation, you should expect to lose your driver’s license for six months. 

  • Crime penalties

This offense is likely to be classified as a felony if you are a repeat offender and/or have caused physical harm. You could face up to one year’s imprisonment with fines up to $2,500 and a minimum suspension of one year’s license.

What do you have to do if you get a DUI charge?

First not driving fast is the safest way. But if you’re having a DUI the first thing you can do is contact a local DUI solicitor. He or she’ll give you advice on the next moves. And the earlier you mark it the better. For the same reason, many lawyers have hotlines in operation. However, if you are confident that you are committing a misdemeanour and not a felony, there is a serious penalty. From the outset view it that way. Getting a DUI on your record could affect your work qualifications. It would bring the insurance premiums over the roof as well. And the social stigma is not considered by many people until it is too late.

By driving you can give consent to do breathalyzers and blood test

The Law on Implied Consent works much the same way. When acquiring a driver’s license in the state of Illinois, you voluntarily agree to give a sample of blood or urine to an investigator who has determined a possible source. This means that he must have a reason to ask for the sample to be given. You do not get a driver’s license if you don’t agree.

You will be offered an option to refuse a blood test in other nations. Illinois isn’t in those cities. If you are driving without a valid license, the only scenario where you might have legal cause to decline. There are a number of other things at stake in this case. 

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