Are injured passengers covered in my insurance policy?

Are injured passengers covered in my insurance policy?

MyMoneyMyQuotes team can help provide guidance if you had an accident and would like to know if your own car insurance policy will cover the medical expenses of the injured passengers. Who will pay for the medical expenses of injured passengers depends upon different criteria e,. Primarily it depends upon who is responsible for the accident. We will help you navigate the scenario when you search for a quote in

If another driver is at fault:

  • It is mandatory to purchase minimum liability coverage for drivers to drive legally in most of the states of the USA because it protects you against the medical expenses of injuries due to the accident. 
  • But states with no faults,  drivers are required to get personal injury protection which covers the medical expenses of injured passengers and lost wages due to the accident regardless of who is at fault.
  • Drivers who are responsible for an accident if not insured under the auto insurance but  have  underinsured and uninsured coverage, his or her policy helps to cover the expenses of injuries to passengers and lost wages of every individual in the car.

If your driver is at fault:

To cover the medical bills you need to purchase medical payments coverage. On the other hand in no-fault states if your driver has personal injury protection then it helps to cover the medical expenses. There is no need for medical payment coverage if you have personal injury protection.

You may follow the steps noted below if your driver has no adequate insurance policy to cover the injuries of passengers.

  • File a claim through your own insurance policy: You can use your own insurance policy if you have health insurance or underinsured/uninsured coverage policy to cover the medical expenses of injuries to you if your driver has no proper auto insurance policy.
  • Passengers can file suit against the driver to cover the medical expenses, lost wages, and other deductibles if you are using their own auto insurance policy to cover the losses. 

How to protect yourself as a passenger:

You can protect yourself as a passenger in the following ways:

  • Purchase insurance policy if you are not insured. It is a good decision to purchase underinsured/uninsured insurance coverage to cover the payments of medical bills.
  • Always follow safety measures to  wear seatbelts, do not distract the driver, or do not encourage your driver to speed up the vehicle.
  • Ask your driver for car insurance which includes  the expenses of injured passengers or not.

You can file a suit against the driver to cover your medical expenses. You should check and compare insurance quotes from different insurers to get the best and cheap auto insurance policy.

Buying a proper car insurance policy is very important so that it covers your risks properly and keeps you covered in the event of an incident.  Finding a good price auto insurance quote that provides you the right level of coverage that you may need can be quite confusing and overwhelming for many. At, we help consumers find the right information to make better and sound decisions for their auto insurance needs. helps our consumers compare their auto insurance quotes online for free and find the best and cheapest rates for their auto insurance policy.


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