A fender bender in the parking lot

A fender bender in the parking lot

Parking lots are dangerous areas. Poor visibility and what, at times, can be heavy pressure for a parking spot adds to the possibility of driving a car with other moving traffic in a tight location. Parking lot accidents included under the most common forms of car accidents. But it is not confirmed by Americans who are responsible for the accidents or fender-benders which happened in the parking lot . MyMoneyMyQuotes team defined the most famous fender bender parking lot and made a simple guide on responsibility while driving in the parking lot.

Who is responsible for the fender bender in the parking lot?

The right of way is usually the primary component that defines blame in car collisions, but in a parking lot, it can become very chaotic. There are two fast and simple ways to learn if you’re in the wrong, whether you’re ever in a parking lot in a car crash.

Did your car move?

If only one vehicle was in motion then usually the driver of the driving car is at fault. Not always, but mostly. Whether you are in fact and well parked, when the car gets struck by a moving object, it’s typically the responsibility of the driver and not yours. Naturally, whether you are parking improperly or illegally, you may be to blame. 

Which should have the right of way?

It can get pretty messy, since not all parking lots are more thought out than most. Stop signs, yield signs, and other signals and markers help to decide whether traffic is supposed to proceed through a parking lot and thereby set the right of way — but not all parking lots have such directions. A driver who refuses to yield or halt at a stop sign is usually at fault in any resulting accident.

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Parking lot types: car accidents

There are many accidents that occur most frequently while driving in parking lots. That is attributed in large part to the way most parking lots are laid out. These are also a product of the simple mechanics of driving and poor timing. Let’s look at how such injuries happen (from your perspective) and how we can classify the blame driver.

  1. Another driver and I helped each other 

All drivers are on the move, making each accountable for their actions. All of the drivers have the right of way and every driver is responsible for ensuring that their vehicle’s travel does not result in an accident. Classify the driver to the account. Under this case, all drivers will be at fault (although some insurers will mark the crash as “no-fault.” The driver’s pay-out would come with their own insurance provider when it comes to making a lawsuit with the insurance policy.

  1. Another car pulls from their parking spot into traffic

You were either the guy in the parking spot at that point or the other man. It’s incredibly normal because after all when you are driving a Mini Cooper; it’s hard to see the SUV parked next to you. Generally, the person who backs out of the parking spot is at fault in this situation. It is their duty to yield to moving traffic, even if oncoming vehicles are not seen. As both vehicles were driving it is likely that both vehicles are liable, although that is not a typical outcome. 

  1. Another driver returns to the vehicle from a parking spot

Compared to the previous example, both vehicles are going and it is likely that both vehicles will be at fault once again. Of example, the way it appears to turn out is for the driver to be responsible for pulling out of the parking spot. Once it comes to making an application for compensation, the insurance provider of each driver must usually cover its own premium (as opposed to the insurer of the other driver covering their application).

  1. Two drivers collide while attempting the Same Space

Once, there’s a fair risk that both drivers are at fault, but much of the time the driver who needs to cross the traffic stream to claim the parking spot is the one that’s responsible. Which means most likely the driver who has had to turn left to take the room would be at fault. 

  1. The rear end of a vehicle at a stop sign

This fender bender is growing everywhere. While being huge and red, often drivers don’t see stop signs, which sometimes lead to a traffic wreck where the driver who gets hit is free from blame. Usually, here the driver who refused to break in time is at fault.

Parking lot accidents at the right of way

 They are happening. Some of them don’t need a police report, so it’s usually a smart idea to contact the cops if you consider the other driver involved to be violent or if they seem to be under the influence. Please take photos so you can report auto crashes to the insurance firm, and mostly so. 

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